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Black Forest Trail - North Allegheny Front Trail - East King's Gap AT-Sunset Rocks Pole Steeple Caledonia SP/Quarry Gap Chimney Rocks Conestoga Tr Shuttle Kelly's Run Mason-Dixon/Otter Creek w/bushwhack Mason-Dixon Tr Shuttle Chuck Keiper Tr - East Ricketts Glen-Old Bulldozer Rd-Falls Tr loop Allegheny Front Tr - West Quehanna Tr - Short Loop BP Cowans GAP SP - Tuscarora Tr Circuit Gifford Pinchot SP Quehanna Trail-NE Rocky Knob - Quarry Gap Loop Old Forge-Pen Mar AT Shuttle Iron Horse Trail Colonel Denning-Flat Rock Circuit Fowler Hollow SP Hemlock Natural Area - Bowman Hollow Loop Old Logger's Path Black Forest Trail South Golden Eagle Trail Mid-State Tr-Little Pine SP Circuit Middle Creek WMA Quehanna Tr - SE Loyalsock-Link Loop Hammersley Wild Area Backpack w/Day Hike Ketchum Run - Scar Run Circuit Circumnavigation of World's End State Park Chuck Keiper Trail - West Pulpit Rock-Pinnacle Loop Tracy Ridge Backpack Base Camp and Day Hike Ricketts Glen Falls Hike Hall of the Hemlocks-Cherry Run Circuit Jeff Mitchell's Waterfall Wonderland Forest Cathedral Natural Area-Seneca Point Loop CCSP-Tadler Run-Clear Creek Loop CCSF-Beartown Rocks Circuit CCSF-Clear Creek Loop Blue Knob SP Circuit John P. Saylor-North Loop Thickhead Wild Area-Detweiler Natural Area Loop Bear Meadows Loop Bear Meadows-Indian Wells Loop Trough Creek SP MST-Old Tram Tr Loop Fallen Timber Trail-MST Loop MST-Blackwell to Little Pine SP Quebec Run Loop Iron Stone Loop Backpack Tuscarora-Standing Stone Loop French Creek SP-West French Creek SP-East/Hopewell Furnace 1,000 Steps/Standing Stone Trail Out-and-Back Rausch Gap Loop AT-Horse-Shoe Trail Loop Big Mountain-Pine tree Vista Circuit Martin Hill Wild Area-South Martin Hill Wild Area-Central Pinchot Trail Backpack Mid State trail/Brush Ridge Backpack Bear Run Preserve Nature Preserve-1 Laurel Highlands Trail-South Stone Tower Loop John P. Saylor Trail Backpack John P. Saylor trail Backpack Quehanna Trail-West Laurel Highlands-North Backpack Haldeman Tract-1 Haldeman Tract-2 Loyalsock Trail - Brunnerdale Road to World's End SP Lebanon Reservoir-Sharp Mountain Loop Three Ponds Loop Quebec Run Backpack



Distance (Miles) Difficulty GPS Data Elevation Gain (Feet)
Kelly's Run Holtwood Recreation  Area 5.5 M Y 1255
Mason-Dixon/Otter Creek Holtwood Recreation  Area 4.3 M N 338
Mason Dixon Shuttle Holtwood Recreation  Area 5 M N 1237
Conestoga Trail Holtwood Recreation  Area 8.8 S N 1889
Gifford Pinchot SP Gifford Pinchot SP 8.8 E Y N/A
French Creek West French Creek State Park 11.0 M Y 1166
French Creek SP-East/Hopewell Furnace French Creek State Park 8.6 M Y 1201
Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area N/A 8.0 M Y 1450
Haldeman Tract-1 Weiser State Forest 7.3 M Y 1000
Haldeman Tract-2 Weiser State Forest 11.0 M Y 1360
Roaring Creek-West Backpack Weiser State Forest 18.3 M Y 1516
Lebanon Reservoir-Sharp Mountain Loop State Game Land 211 7.3-10.3 M Y 1200
Rausch Gap Loop State Game Land 211 10.5 M Y 734
Stone Tower Loop State Game Land 211 7.5-8.0 M Y 1270
AT-Old Horse-Shoe Trail Loop State Game Land 211 10.0 - 11.0 M Y 1674
Pulpit Rock-Pinnacle Loop N/A 8.7 M Y 1288
Ricketts Glenn Falls Hike Ricketts Glen SP 3.6 M N 666
Ricketts Glen - Old Bulldozer Tr/Falls Tr Loop Ricketts Glen SP 8.45 M Y 1350
Hall of Hemlocks-Cherry Run Loop Ricketts Glen SP 13.3 M Y 936
Jeff Mitchell's Waterfall Wonderland State Game land 13 8.2 S Y 1422
Pinchot Trail Backpack Lackawana State Forest 26.3 M Y 1567
Old Logger's Path Loyalsock State Forest 13 - 28.8 M Y 4109
Loyalsock-Link Loop Loyalsock State Forest 17-22 M Y 3587
Ketchum Run - Scar Run Circuit Loyalsock State Forest 8.0-9.8 M Y 1621
Circumnavigation of World's End State Park Loyalsock State Forest 6.7 S Y 1442
Loyalsock Trail-Brunnerdale Road to World's End SP Loyalsock State Forest 19.0 S Y 3554
Old Forge to Pen Mar AT Shuttle Michaux State Forest 6.8 M Y 1527
Glatfelter Area-1 Michaux State Forest 7.2 M Y 1137
Three Ponds Loop Michaux State Forest 5.7 M Y 589
Strawberry Hill Nature Preserve N/A 6.4 M Y 999
Chimney Rocks Michaux State Forest 4.5-8.0 M Y 1595
Caledonia SP/Quarry Gap Michaux State Forest 7.1 M Y 1312
Rocky Knob - Quarry Gap Loop Michaux State Forest 14.7 M Y 1769
AT/Sunset Rocks Michaux State Forest 8.8 M Y 1311
Pole Steeple Michaux State Forest 7.1 - 8.1 M Y 1041
King's Gap Michaux State Forest 8.5 M Y 1775
Big Mountain-Pine Tree Vista Circuit Buchanan State Forest 8.3 S Y 1701
Cowans Gap - Tuscarora Tr Circuit Buchanan State Forest 11.2 S Y 2579
Tuscarora-Standing Stone Loop Buchanan State Forest 10.9 S Y 1525
Iron Horse Trail Tuscarora State Forest 9.5 M Y 920
Hemlock Natural Area - Bowman Hollow Loop Tuscarora State Forest 10.0 - 12.6 M Y 1929
Fowler Hollow SP Tuscarora State Forest 9.5 M Y 769
Colonel Denning - Flat Rock Circuit Tuscarora State Forest 8.8 S Y 2181
Thousand Steps/Standing Stone Trail Out-and-Back State Game Land 112 1.0-10.0 S Y 1450
Trough Creek SP Circuit Trough Creek SP/Rothrock State Forest 6.9 M Y 1226
Iron Stone loop Backpack Rothrock State Forest 21.2 M Y 2267
Thickhead Wild Area-Detweiler Natural Area loop Rothrock State Forest 10.4 S Y 2338
Bear Meadows Loop Rothrock State Forest 3.6 E Y 1122
Bear Meadows-Indian Wells Loop Rothrock State Forest 13.3 S Y N/A
Mid State Trail-Brush Ridge Backpack Rothrock State Forest 24.2 M Y 3338
Mid State Trail-Old tram Trail Loop Bald Eagle State Forest 8.63 M Y 1041
Fallen Timber Trail-Mid-State Trail Loop Bald Eagle State Forest 11.79 S Y 985
Allegheny Front Trail - East Moshannon State Forest 30 M Y 2989
Allegheny Front Trail - West  Moshannon State Forest 31.6 M Y 2932
Chuck Keiper Trail - East Sproul State Forest 23 S Y 4554
Chuck Keiper Ttrail - West Sproul State Forest 31.5 S Y 5324
Quehanna Tr - Short Loop BP Moshannon State Forest 19.5 M Y 1800
Quehanna Trail - SE Moshannon State Forest 30 M Y 3199
Quehanna Trail-NE Moshannon State Forest 27.5 M Y 2964
Quehanna Trail-W Moshannon State Forest 20.5 M Y 2050
Hammersley Wild Area Backpack and Day Hike Susquehannock State Forest 23.2 M Y 3506
Mid-State Tr-Little Pine SP Circuit Tiadaghton State Forest 6.3 S Y 1858
Black Forest Trail - North Tiadaghton State Forest 25 S Y 3938
Black Forest Trail - South Tiadaghton State Forest 23 S Y 4224
Golden Eagle Trail Tiadaghton State Forest 9.7 S Y 2201
Mid-State Trail BP Shuttle (Blackwell to Little Pine SP) Tiadaghton State Forest 26.4 S Y 4141
Quebec Run Loop Forbes State Forest 10.6 M Y 1324
Quebec Run Backpack Forbes State Forest 11.7 M Y 1746
Laurel Highlands Trail-North Backpack Laurel Highlands State Park 25.7 M Y 3200
Laurel Highlands Trail-South Laurel Highlands State Park 11.5 S Y 1877
Bear Run Nature Preserve-1 Western Pennsylvania Nature Conservancy 8.5 M Y 1060
Martin Hill Wild Area-Central Buchanan State Forest 6.1 S Y 1647
Martin Hill Wild Area-South Buchanan State Forest 9.1 M Y 980
John P. Saylor-North Loop Gallitzin State Forest 12.3 M Y 1016
John P. Saylor Trail Backpack Gallitzin State Forest 20.4 M Y 1610
Blue Knob State Park Circuit Blue Knob State Park 10.4 M Y 1977
Forest Cathedral Natural Area-Seneca Point loop Cook Forest State Park 7.4 M Y 1451
Tadler Run-Clear Creek Loop Clear Creek State Park 7.7 M Y 1054
Beartown Rocks Circuit Clear Creek State Forest 5.9 M Y 642
Clear Creek Loop Clear Creek State Forest 4.6 E Y 447
Tracy Ridge Base Camp Backpack and Day Hike Allegheny National Forest 25.9 M Y 3716

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