Most of these outings are sponsored by the Howard County, MD Chapter of the Sierra Club . There are no individual fees. Waiver forms must be signed prior to participating. If interested in any of these drop me a line. 


Schedule Cancelled Due to Injury


07/30/15: Two years ago I had surgery on my hip as a result of a backpacking accident. Iíve recently discovered that the repair has degenerated. I find it difficult now to walk on a flat paved surface for a mile without prolonged pain and discomfort afterwards. Such being the case I have to cancel the rest of my schedule. Iím sorry if this inconveniences any of you.

Although I have yet to throw in the towel it doesnít look good for future seasons. Iíll see what the doctor says first before I make a final decision. I really donít want to have anymore surgeries. I still hope to get back to the point where I can at least lead short day hikes. I love being outdoors but Iíll have to limit myself to what my body can do without pain.

Contact my fellow outing leader, Sam Savage and sign up for his trips.

I still plan to maintain this website and forum. It gives me great joy to be able to share my knowledge and that of others with my fellow hikers. Posting Outing Critiques on the hike pages of the website is even more important now, especially making comments as to changes in the trail notes, maps, GPS data, etc or even just stating that they are still accurate. This is truly your website. It's up to you to keep it relevant.




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