Log Roll-Deep Run/Big Run Shuttle



Description: This is a 12.2 mile moderate shuttle hike in Maryland's premier Green Ridge State Forest. If you want to test your stream crossing skills, this one is for you. We stopped counting at 20 in the first 1.5 miles and at least 10 over the last 5 miles. As Don would say, Jeremy's Run has nothing on this one (14 crossings in 5 miles). The maximum elevation gain for this hike is around 500 feet over 6 miles with one set of additional ups and downs to hike out to the Log Roll Overlook. The remaining 6 miles descends at the same rate.


The northern trailhead is on Fifteen Mile Creek Road. The southern trailhead is on the south side MD RT51 at the C&O Canal parking area.


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Trail Notes: Cross Rt51. Log Roll Trail begins as a short board walk along the side of a steep hill. The trail descends into a flat area and crosses Big Run on a new foot bridge. Immediately turn left and follow the white blazes up stream. No sooner do you pass a picturesque rock outcrop on the other side than you are compelled to make your first of several crossings. This sequence of events continues for the next 1.5 miles. Initially the stream flows through a narrow rocky gorge sheltered by Hemlocks but the valley eventually widens and hardwoods and Birch take over.


In about one mile from Rt51 come to one of 3 recently constructed log shelters built in the forest. In another 0.5 miles and who knows how many more stream crossings turn left and follow a small feeder stream up a hill. For the most part this eventually becomes an old forest road except where things have gotten boggy. Keep an eye out for the blazes. In about 0.25 miles from the last turn-off the old road will go right and a footpath will go left and climb steeply out of the hollow. Follow this blazed trail for another 1/3 mile to Green Ridge Rd.


Cross Green Ridge Rd and climb again. In spring the forest floor is covered with Spring Beauties, Bluets and wild Geraniums while the under-story features Red Bud, Dogwood and Shad Bush aka Service Berry. For the most part you will walk along a nice footpath. Occasionally the trail will share the same tread as an old forest road. Watch for the blazes as the trail joins and leaves these roads a few times throughout the entire hike.


Cross Pack Horse Trail Rd at 0.75 miles from the Green Ridge Rd crossing and continue on Log Roll Trail. Soon the trail will narrow and hug the side of Green Ridge Mountain. You will begin to get partial views to the west. Climb up to Log Roll Overlook and Green Ridge Rd (1.25 miles from Pack Horse Trail Rd) for a grand view. As you look left you are looking into WV and to the right is PA. This is the northern terminus of Log Roll Trail. If you wanted to do a shorter hike this would have been a good place for a car plant.


Cross Green Ridge Rd and descend on Kirk Rd. Cross a shallow ford of Big Run and turn left at a Kiosk and sign for Wellsely Hollow Trail now known as Deep Run/Big Run Trail. You'll cross Big Run a few more times.


As you reach the headwaters of Big Run the trail will turn right (east) away from the center of the valley and then slowly turn back west until you again reach a stream. Now you'll roughly follow the flow of Deep Run.


In one mile from your first sighting of this new stream come to Mertens Ave. Cross the road and continue downstream crossing it several more times. Shortly arrive at a second shelter. In about 4 miles from Mertens Ave the valley will narrow and there will be more rock outcrops and Hemlock trees on the east (right) bank. Soon find yourself back at your vehicles.


Critique this outing!



Name: Zeb Amoss                                                                                                   Hike: Log roll/ Deep run-GRSF
Date: 10/13-10/14                                                                                                 Rating: 4

Critique: Did this as an overnight backpack, in to the shelter near kirk rd, and back to my vehicle at the trailhead the next day. I was itching to try out two new pieces of gear (granite gear vapor trail pack and north face beeline 900 down bag) And the verdict is both are awesome! The 28* weather that night really tested out the 32* rating on the bag. BRRR. All in all a great hike right when fall is popping out everywhere. All creek crossings were dry but I can vouch there was a lot of them just as the description says! Lucky me for lack of rain I guess. Only saw one guy hunting squirrel over both days. Lots of ATV noise but very distant.


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